WoodEngine is a leader in creating plans for all types of timber constructions.

Designed as a plug-in for AutoCAD - the most popular and widely used program in the world, WoodEngine is often called Autocad for wood.

So for those who know AutoCAD, WoodEngine program is not new! Use the same commands as AutoCAD classic, th 3D objects are already built in AutoCAD Architecture - walls, windows, doors, etc.. WoodEngine's function is to convert elements of AutoCAD Architecture in Wood, conversion is simple with just a click.

WoodEngine has specialized modules, which coveres all stages from design to manufacture, is the perfect solution for even the most demanding users.

Hundreds of thousands of Log Home construction, framing (wooden frame panels covered with OSB), laminated wood structures or combinations of framing and laminated wood, laminated wood houses with solid walls, frameworks of industrialized trusses and other innovative systems were built with  WoodEngine all over the world.

WoodEngine is a Mitek's product, an innovative software for design and manufacturing. Mitek continuously invests in logistics and develop the inovative softwares, solves individual problem and help the customers to succeed in everything they want to achieve. As a result, Mitek's customers benefit the most advanced software for structural calculation in the field of timber frame constructions.

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Wood Engenie